At our February 17th City Council, meeting we had a lengthy discussion about public input on Land Use Cases. We have had several instances where a developer has help public meetings. Sometimes these meetings have occurred before the developer has filed and application with the city.

While it is good to see the developer reaching out to the public, it does present another issue. Some members of council, including myself, are concerned that the residents may express a concern to the developer, but that council may not be aware of the issue. The residents may feel that their concerns have been addressed, when in fact, there may be nothing that is legally binding to record that fact.

This presents a difficult situation. We can't say that the developer is forbidden from having these type of meetings and we wouldn't want to do that. Although we took no formal action, I think all of council realized the best thing to do was to continue to encourage the citizens of Centennial to show up at the public hearings on Land Use Cases. There testimony will be heard and available when council or the planning and zoning commission has to make a decision.

So if you see a Land Use Case that concerns you, I encourage you to attend the public meetings, but please make sure you also make your voice heard at one of the public hearings.

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