On Monday, July 6th, we will be reviewing the final Centennial Civic Center Concept Plan at our 6pm City Council Study Session. If you have any comments on the final plan, please let me know (patrick@pganderson.com).

Some of the highlights of the plan include:

•  An amphitheater for larger community gatherings and events;
•  Coordination of access, circulation and parking with the surrounding City-owned land;
•  A central plaza for other public gatherings and events;
•  An open green or “meadow;” 
•  Play areas for a variety of uses, such as “destination” play using sculptural elements; 
•  A water play feature and climbing wall;
•  A demonstration garden along  the  internal path and entry areas  featuring examples of
native Colorado vegetation and plant communities;
•  A loop trail with future access to Lone Tree Creek and Cherry Creek State Park;
•  A viewing area for observation of mountain and Front Range views;
•  An entry gateway that features vistas of the site and mountain views; 
•  Creation of a sequence of connected “rooms” within the site using topography and
landscape forms to add interest and enhance the user experience;  
•  A low berm and landscaping along Arapahoe Road to screen road noise while still
allowing views into the site; and 
•  A variety of landscaping including turf and xeric plantings. Turf would be limited to highuse
areas, with native and xeric planting along ridges and low-use areas to minimize
maintenance costs.

Map (click to view larger map):

2009-07-06 Study Session Packet_Page_27