We discussed a variety of topics at our first three meetings of January and we scheduled a special meeting for Monday, January 24th. The special meeting will include a study session and regular meeting specifically for approving a contract to begin construction on the Civic Center Park.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Medical marijuana ban – The council is leaning toward implementing a ban on medical marijuana businesses in the city. Although the ban would technically be permanent, the thought is to implement a ban until the “dust settles” at the Capitol. Then we can decide what Centennial wants to do (or put it out as a ballot question).
  • Electronic signs – The city staff is working on a project that would allow shopping centers to use larger electronic signs if they are high quality and incorporate the look of Centennial’s new “gateway” signs. There was some debate on whether we should give the business any break on fees since they are building something that would help the city out.
  • City manager policy powers – A lengthy debate was had on the role of the city manager and how much involvement the council wanted on day-to-day operations. Some council members feel it is the council’s responsibility to analyze every decision that impacts our citizens. Others (including me) believe that we should worry more about the big picture and let our professional staff implement the council’s policy without micromanaging them.
  • Land purchase – The city council approved the purchase of  a 43.53 acre parcel located south of East Fremont Avenue and east of South Potomac Street.  The
    Subject Property is located to the east of the Arapahoe County Justice Center and northeast of the Denver Broncos Training Facility, and is currently  owned by the United States Postal Service. The price for the land is $3.3 million. The city is looking at various options for the land including a sports park, open space, etc.
  • Liquor store tastings – Right now, the city allows liquor stores to host up to 50 tasting events per year. Other municipalities around us allow up to 104. Centennial has now changed our ordinance to also allow for 104 per year.