Due to the accumulation of nearly one foot of snow and the below freezing temperatures forecasted for the next 48 hours, the City of Centennial will plow residential streets within the City boundaries. Plowing of residential roadways will begin after the Priority 1 and 2 routes are completed and accumulating snow has stopped, which is anticipated to be overnight. Crews would like to avoid snow packed streets developing a layer of ice this weekend when the temperatures rise slightly above freezing back to freezing again. One pass by a truck mounted snow plow in each direction will occur in residential areas throughout the City. 

The Street Maintenance Policy is: 
Priority 1 – These roadways are the major arterial streets and are generally located on the one-mile grid and have four or more travel lanes (Dry Creek Rd, Smoky Hill Rd). Also included are streets that provide access for emergency services such as fire stations, medical facilities and the Sheriff’s Office. Priority 1 streets are maintained for all snow events. 

Priority 2- These roadways are minor arterial and major collector streets and are generally streets that connect major arterial streets to residential streets. Also included are streets that provide access to school zones, major office areas and business areas such as grocery stores and service stations. Priority 2 streets are maintained for all snow events. 

Priority 3- These roadways are generally minor collector streets (residential). Guidelines to be considered to maintain Priority 3 streets include: 
1) A forecast below freezing temperatures for the next 24 hours after the storm, 
2) A forecast of significant snow with the next 12+ hours after the storm, 
3) Snow accumulation from the storm expected to be in the range of 10 to 12 inches. 

The City’s Snow Plan requires the plowing of only Priority 1 and 2 streets unless certain conditions are met, which they are. The additional cost to plow the residential streets is approximately $20,000 and will be taken from the Public Works Budget. 

Note to residents: Please move vehicles from your neighborhood street this afternoon until plowing of your street is complete.