I am still a rather new cyclist — I started only in May of 2022 — but I have already grown addicted to it. Some people don’t understand it at all so I came up with a Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Cycling:

  1. View from Heaven's Overlook

    View from Heaven’s Overlook

    Great scenery –
    A lot of times when we ride, we go in state parks, creek trails, mountain canyons, etc. You just can’t beat the views. And we are going at just the right pace to see a lot of things (without scaring away wildlife).
  2. Great camaraderie – Cyclist, as with any sport, tend to stick together. Pull over on the side of the road with a flat or other issue, and someone will stop to help.
  3. Food – One neat thing about cyclists is that we like to eat. When you burn a lot of calories on a ride, it is always great to finish at a local restaurant where you can eat pretty much anything you want guilt free!
  4. Great cause – I have been riding as part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. It feels good to know that you are helping to beat cancer with every mile.
  5. Great cardiovascular – If you cycle at all, you will improve you cardiovascular health. Add a bunch of miles and some mountain climbs and you will be in the best cardiovascular shape you have ever been in.
  6. Great sport to do with your spouse – Cycling is definitely a great thing to do if you are married. When I cycle with my wife, we use the time to chat. Figure in that some rides can last for hours and that is a lot of quality time.
  7. Great sport for kids – Our son is getting ready to be a teenager, and has shown some interest in joining us in the road biking world. It is a great activity for him and something he can do for the rest of his life.
  8. Easy on the joints – I used to run a lot when I played soccer, but now if I try that, my knees and ankles hurt. With properly fit bike, cycling is relatively easy on the joints. I can cycle for hours with no discomfort to my knees or ankles.
  9. Riding Solo – There are times when I do have to ride on my own and it can be very meditative. It is a great break from the fast paces world we live in to cruise around a state park on my bicycle. Instant therapy!
  10. Downhill – One of my favorite things to do on a bike is go downhill. There is nothing better than flying down a road on a bike at close to 50mph. It makes all the struggles going uphill very worth it!