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Let me tell you a little bit about one of the gyms I go to — Axistence Athletics (home of Bushcraft CrossFit). I’ve been going there the past year or so and I highly recommend it. This place has top notch trainers, creative classes,  and a great community of members.

Dan and Ryan

The key to Axistence is the owners – Dan and Ryan. Both guys are really down to earth and friendly. But they are also very knowledgeable about fitness. They don’t just focus on one aspect of fitness – nutrition, strength, power, flexibility, etc. They have studied many different aspects of fitness and they have incorporated that knowledge into the programming at Axistence.

20141108_094205 They also personalize the programming for the individual. Since I bike a lot in the summer, Dan and Ryan will make suggestions on how to adapt some of the programming to help me with my cycling goals or to counter the effects of being on a bike for up to 8 hours in a day. While I exercise, they are also constantly watching to make sure my form is exactly correct. If it isn’t, they provide helpful instructions or modify the workout to prevent injury. That is crucial and missing with many other gyms or trainers.


CrossFit meets MoveNat

Another key to Axistence is that aren’t just CrossFit. They are a CrossFit affiliate – hence the “Home of Bushcraft CrossFit” listed on the website. But they combine the positives of the CrossFit system with other systems like TRX and MoveNat. For me, I think MoveNat is particularly awesome.

A lot of people ask me what MoveNat is when I tell them about Axistence. The way I explain it is that MoveNat is about real world body movement and exercises. Lifting a bar bell will make you strong, but MoveNat will help you with the strength and movement to move furniture, climb a mountain, etc. It is a great addition to my fitness routine.

Saturday Morning Workouts

On Saturday mornings, Axistence hosts a group workout at 9am. Each week, my teenage son and I go to this workout. Many times, these are partner workouts and a bit creative. I mention these specifically because: 1) they have been a great bonding event my son and me and 2) it says something when you can get a teenager to like the workouts.

Some examples of the types of things we have done in these workouts include rope climbs, sandbag runs, & mini obstacle courses with crawling, vaulting, and balancing. When done as a partner or team workout, it becomes really fun – but still very challenging.

Gym Family

Of course, I couldn’t leave out the awesomeness of the Bushcraft family. All types of people go to Bushcraft, and due to the small class sizes, you get to know them all. Everyone is super friendly and supportive. It isn’t your typical gym where the super focused lifters put in their headphones and act annoyed when anyone gets in there way while others are left to feel like they are outsiders. At Bushcraft, we are all there trying to meet our own goals and supporting everyone else in their own efforts.

Other Activities

When you have a great gym family and a good organization like at Axistence, it is only natural that there are other activities made possible. At Axistence, this is true with stuff like fitness seminars, movie nights, holiday parties, and fitness competitions.

One of my favorites (and my son’s) was the Poker Run that they organized last year. It involved having teams of four biking or running to five different locations. At each location, you had to complete a physical or mental challenge to earn a poker card. After you collected five cards, you could play your hand. There were some bonuses given for each challenge so that teams could draw replacement cards. at the end, the team with the best hand won. The competition was a blast and we all were happy just to take part in it.

For more info

Visit AxistenceAthletics.com for more info. You can message Dan & Ryan, schedule a free intro class, and see examples of each day’s workout. They are located on Quebec, just north of Evans in southeast Denver.