Once again, it is time for the CrossFit Open season. It’s the annual 5 week competition around the world held at every CrossFit affiliate location. Each Thursday evening, a specific workout is posted by CrossFit HQ. Participants have until Monday to do the workout and post their score. For all the details, go to CrossFit.com.

CrossFit Open At my gym, Axistence Athletics, they further the fun by creating a local competition on top of the regular CrossFit Open stuff. We are divided up onto teams and compete for local prizes. In addition, we get points for checking in, going to classes, and even becoming CrossFit Open official judges.

For the majority of people that aren’t looking at seriously competing in the CrossFit Open, this is still a good way to measure your progress and add a little extra motivation. I try not to take it too seriously, but here are my tips for handling the CrossFit Open season.

Sleep –  The best thing you can do during this time is to make sure you are getting adequate sleep. When you sleep your body has time to recovery and you’ll be better prepared for the workouts.

Nutrition – The CrossFit Open can be a good time to really watch what you eat. Pick foods that aid in your recovery and provide you with sustainable energy. As Ryan from Axistence Athletics would say, “Eat like an adult and choose nutrient dense, toxin free foods.”

Remember your goals –  Don’t forget why you are there in the first place. There will be a lot of pressure to go all out for the workouts. Yes, you want to push yourself beyond what you are comfortable with. But do not sacrifice good form or your safety to do that. You are at the gym to be healthy and injuries aren’t healthy.

Don’t be afraid to modify – The official games have an RX and a Scaled version. But you can change them even more if it is better for you. Have a nagging shoulder injury? Skip the push presses or maybe do just a single arm press. You can still push yourself hard with a modified version of the workout. You aren’t getting paid millions of dollars to push through the pain, so it’s not worth the risk.

Become a judge – Even if you don’t actually judge someone, the video training is useful in learning about the movements.

Have fun – Your gym will probably have activities planned around the Open workouts. Watch your fellow gym mates push themselves to their limit. It is a great way to bond and you’ll enjoy your suffering more when there are others around you.