I’m excited to announce Liv and I are launching a new endeavor — Zealology, LLC. We are striving to create products that mesh perfectly with an active lifestyle. Our first product, the Zealology Silicone Ring, is designed to be aesthetically-pleasing and slim, scratch-proof and weather-resistant, breathable and non-toxic, so that you can wear your ring with pride, safety, and comfort during ANY activity. But we want to do more. We want to contribute to our community by giving to causes that we care about, highlighting people and groups living life with ZEAL, and creating a community of Zealologists. Stay tuned for more exciting products! And join us in building a better world!

The Zealology Ring features medical grade silicone in a simple and attractive design. The packaging features a clean, black box, with a black, foam inset to hold the ring inside for perfect gifting as is. The Zealology Ring has a tensile strength or 178N, it is hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-toxic, scratch-proof, and weather-resistant.

We’re really happy with the new Zealology Ring. It looks great, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t interfere with our activities. It’s really comfortable. I’ve worn it doing pull ups, biking, everything — It doesn’t get in the way or bother you at all.

More information about Zealology and the Zealology Ring can be found at https://www.zealology.com. The rings can be purchased on Amazon.com.