Murph is coming up again on Memorial Day. I’ve been training to get ready and have encouraged some friends to join me. But for many people, doing the workout as prescribed is out of the question. In fact, I’ve only done it once exactly as it is written. 

Just know it is OK to modify the workout for you. It’s not necessary or healthy to do the workout if you aren’t ready to do the workout! The goal of this or any workout is for it to be a challenge, not to do something to risk injury!

This year, with many gyms closed or at reduced capacity due to COVID-19, there may be even more reasons to modify. One of the biggest hurdles people will have doing Murph at home are the pullups. You can completely replace them with something else — either another pulling exercise like bent over rows, or something completely different like sit ups.

Murph Modifications

Here are some other modifications that you might want to consider:

  1. Skip the weight vest or go with a lighter vest
  2. Shorten the run (¼ mile, ½ mile, etc.)
  3. Replace the run with other cardio (stair stepper, rower, bike ride, etc.)
  4. Lower the rep count for the pull ups, push ups, and squats — You can cut them in half evenly, or reduce the ones that give you trouble
  5. Instead of pull ups, do TRX rows or bent over rows, etc.
  6. Do assisted pull ups or jumping pull ups
  7. Instead of regular push ups, do knee push ups or incline push ups – or some other variation
  8. Do squats to a box
  9. Use a TRX, wall, pole, etc. to balance and assist your squats
  10. Spread out the workout – do the run, then take a break, then do the middle part, take another break, and then finish the second run – or something similar

I’m sure there are many other changes you can make as well. If you have any, let me know. I hope many of you give Murph a try no matter what version you do. As you do it, remember what Murph and Memorial Day are all about.

To learn more about Lt. Michael Murphy or the workout, visit The Murph Challenge.

Your Murph Modifications

So what are you doing to modify your Murph WOD . Whether it is due to an injury, the coronavirus stay-at-home orders, or any other reason, I’d like to hear about what you did to modify Murph to match your needs.