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Ride Better by Lifting Weights?

A lot of people tackle training prep for a century ride with lots of riding and that’s it. They will do multiple short rides during the week, a long ride on Saturday, and a recovery ride on Sunday. For my first century ride, that is pretty much the approach I took. It...

Eating Right to Fuel Your Rides

For years, the mantra of many cyclist was about carbo loading, high carb meals, and carbs fuel your ride. But recently, with the popularity of low carb diets, some cyclists have begun to doubt the mindset that a high carb diet is the solution for them. Instead, they...

Why Chromebook?

I've been a laptop user for years. Most of the laptops I have used were given to me by my employer. One of the first laptops weighed nearly 10 pounds. Since that time, laptops have gotten faster and a lot lighter. But how I use a laptop has also changed dramatically....

Itchy-O in the Big Easy!

Photos from Itchy-O in New Orleans - just one of their stops on their recent tour. [tz_plusgallery id="1"]

10 reasons to do Team in Training

I just signed up for the 2018 America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride, a 100 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe in Nevada/California. It will be my 10th Century Ride donning a Team in Training jersey. My comments below are geared towards the Team in Training cycling program,...

Itchy-O at Meow Wolf

Itchy-O at Meow Wolf on March 25th, 2017. [tz_plusgallery id="5"]