Best Gear for Making YouTube Videos (for me)

You noticed I added the "for me" in the title? Yeah, no one can pick the best equipment for you. But I can tell you what has worked well for me. My budget wasn't minimal, but it also didn't allow for a lot of high end gear. There are compromises, but I think overall...

Tech Tutorial Videos

For awhile, I've wanted to create some tech video tutorials. Being in IT, I get a lot of questions and hear people complain a lot about tech problems they have. Many times, there are some simple solutions. I finally had some time, so I started to make some of these...

Itchy-O Sci Fi Freakout 2018

[foogallery id="1917"]

Itchy-O in the Big Easy!

Photos from Itchy-O in New Orleans - just one of their stops on their recent tour. [tz_plusgallery id="1"]
About Patrick

About Patrick

Patrick Anderson has had a long commitment to civic duty and service. For ten years, he served in the U.S. Air Force...

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