Carter Lake

After several weeks with lots of climbing, this week our team took a break with a pretty flat ride. The only climb was real short one up to Carter Lake. Surprisingly, there was also a nice decent and I reached my new personal best top speed of 48mph!

Because the ride was relatively flat, I don’t have any tidbits of painful climbs, but there were some notable parts of this ride. The first part was a slight decline and we were able to establish some nice pacelines. At one point, our route overlapped the course for the Tour de Cure (American Diabetes Association). It was neat seeing other riders that were out on 13, 31, 62, or 100 mile rides. I have to admit, it also felt great that I was a lot faster than some of them.

As I said, the climb up to Carter Lake was pretty short and not to steep. It only took a few minutes and we were rewarded with some breathtaking views of the lake. We quickly made our way around to the north side of the lake and a fast decent. The road made a nice long and steady decent and I was able to hit 48 mph. The next time we are up there, I may push it to break 50 mph.

After Carter Lake, it was just a long steady ride back to our cars. This we we tackled 68 miles and we should be ready for next week’s Tour of Denver ride (as we call it).