Today is World Cancer Day and I’m asking you to join me in donating to fight cancer. Let’s make this the year in which we turn the corner in the battle against cancer. Make a donation today for $20.14 to show that 2014 is the year we make this happen! Just visit to make your donation right now!

In addition to fundraising, I am also training to complete two 100 mile bikes rides in June with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). I will be biking along side other cyclists who are also raising money to fight cancer. These tow events will be my 6th and 7th events with the Team in Training Program that is part of LLS. As many of you know, I got involved with this program because my day lost his fight with leukemia in 2007. This group inspires me because of the work they do to raise money and fight cancer. But they are also a support system for me. Almost everyone on the team is either a cancer survivor or is directly connect to someone with cancer. They were there for me when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, when my friend died of cancer, and when I recently lost my aunt to cancer.

This group of people — my teammates — are highly motivated to reach the goal of raising more $200,000 this year. They are also motivated to complete the training necessary to do an 100 mile bike ride. All told, during the next few months, each of us will log about 1,700 miles on our bikes. How far is that? It means if I started out at my house in Denver, Colorado, I could end up back in my hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. That’s a lot of miles (and sweat, Gatorade, etc.), but it is nothing compared to what it is like to have to fight cancer. If someone can do that, we can do this!

I hope you consider joining my efforts today by visiting I may email you in the coming months about my progress in this adventure. If you don’t want to get these updates, just use the unsubscribe link below and you will be instantly removed from my list.

Thanks and have a GREAT day! GO TEAM!!!

– Patrick

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