TNT indoors Saturday, February 8th, was the first group training for Team in Training – Rocky Mountain Chapter – Summer 2014. With the temperatures below zero for much of the week, the coaches moved the training indoors this time. One of our teammates (UB) found us some space to setup for training and to host 4 different clinics: rules of the road, cycling gear, nutrition, and changing a flat.

As everyone gathered, you could feel the excitement. The TNT-RM chapter has never had a group of riders this large. We all knew this was the start of something BIG. There nearly 80 riders signed up for the Tahoe and Denver century rides this summer. With that many people signed up, there will be lots more friendships made, stories told, and, most importantly, dollars raised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The day of training went well, Coach Pete led half of the team on a workout with bikes on trainers, while the other half visited each clinic station. After about an hour workout, we switched so that everyone had a chance to workout and visit the clinic stations.

My assignment for the day was to help with the gear clinic. I brought in a bunch of the gear that I have accumulated over the past 3 years. I remember starting off with just the basics, but now I was able to display everything from shoe covers to arm warmers. I really enjoyed meeting all my teammates and working with fellow rider, Cindy, to help explain to the new cyclist how to save money when buying gear. We both tried to emphasize the best investment of money for a cyclist doing a century ride is a good pair of bike shorts. Your tush will thank you after 8+ hours on a bike seat.

After everyone had their workout and clinic review, we all were able to socialize and refuel with a potluck lunch. We all shared stories and talked about the excitement for the upcoming season. And we all hoped that next week would be nice weather so we can really RIDE!